Thursday, 30 September 2010

I don't usually do this.....

Post twice in one afternoon that is! But I just happened to look out the window this evening and I thought I saw chippie in the yard. I haven't seen him for two days so excitedly I grabbed my shoes and a handful of nuts and headed outside. I sat and called to him but, unusually, he didn't come down from the steps he just sat there very still. Then I noticed that he didn't have little black stripes down his side and his tail was a little bushier than usually. I then realised that it was infact a little red squirrel! SO sweet. He scrambled up the tree and I dived indoors to retrieve my camera! Lovely Man was sitting expectantly waiting for his supper and I disappeared out the door saying "Can't visitor!" I also swore a little on account of cracking my knee on the corner of the coffee table in my haste to get back outside. Anyway this dear little chap sat quietly watching me as I crawled about under the tree, letting me get real close, methodically chewing on the small pine nuts!

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