Thursday, 16 September 2010

The colors of Fall

This morning we ditched the morning run in favor of a light breakfast followed by a three hour walk around the lakes, the town and beyond.  I needed to take some photo's of local landmarks for a project I'm doing and we needed shopping so it seemed an all round sensible idea!  It has been an absolutely glorious day here, the sun has shone and there hasn't been one cloud in the sky!  Although we started out in sweatshirts it wasn't long before they came off and we were in our vest tops!  The colors around us right now are becoming quite spectacular.  The leaves on the shrubs outside the post office are the color of a good claret, and some of the other leaves have turned the color of cinder toffee.

And the lake is a beautiful bright blue.

Lunch, again, was taken on the deck.  With rain forecast for tomorrow we thought we just needed to make the very most of this wonderful sunshine.  Looking out over the gardens it just confirmed how lucky we are to have this opportunity to live in such a beautiful setting.

Hopefully on Saturday, if the forecast is correct, the sun will shine again and we will go on an adventure into the bush at the back....there is a trail leading to yet another lake which is just begging to be found!

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