Sunday, 24 July 2011


Hi all!  I'm back!  My apologies for having been gone so long,  a few of you have been giving me a gentle prod now and then!  Some of you will know that I have been struggling a little with life in general and I have never felt comfortable disclosing my woes and worries here, always feeling that the last thing people want to read about is how crap you feel!  So anyhow suffice to say that the stresses of the last year took their toll and I lost the ability for a while to stay positive and I don't write well, or do anything well for that matter, when I feel like that so I took leave of blogland for a while.  But I am back now and hope you all forgive me.

Now where shall I start?  Projects.  Haven't really got any further with those.  However I did have my mum and Aunt over for a month and we had a ball!  Life here in Manitouwadge?  Looking much better!  Lovely Man heard this week that he passed his exam and can continue working!  I cannot tell you what a relief that is.  Now we can relax and feel like this is REALLY home, no more worrying about what we will do if he can't work, no more worrying if we'll have to go back to the UK.  We can start to fix the house how we want it, we can think about buying a boat or an ATV without worrying that we'll run  out of money for essentials.  As you can see I've already got my first fishing rod (thank you Jackie & Ron!).

So what's next you ask?  Well I have some full time work for a few weeks covering holiday leave, so projects will be a little slower than usual.  My first job is to make some cushions for a friends garden swing, then I plan to work my way through the renovations of a dresser and chest of drawers, two garden tables and my own garden slider!  In amongst all that I hope to find time to get creative again with maybe a little painting and I fancy some card making, watch this space!  For now though I am off for a much needed bloghop to catch up with all the things you guys have been getting up to! Ciao!