Monday, 27 September 2010

This is a lake??

Today we went to Marathon, a town on the north shore of Lake Superior. Originally we went to get some supplies that are difficult to get around here but we happened to find the beach. Oh WOW! I just spent absolutely ages here just sitting listening to the waves on the shore. The sun was bright and there was a strong breeze...well ok a strong wind! I have never seen so much driftwood on one beach, and the pebbles. They were the size of small rocks, perfectly round and smooth. Pink, grey, white pebbles with stripes and circles and small speckles. Each one called to me, inviting me to take them home. I just sat there picking them up, stroking them each one in turn. They were just SO tactile. Anyway eventually Lovely Man started to fidget and I knew I probably stretched this moment as far as I could. So, reluctantly I got up and we headed back to the car. I struggled a bit up the hill. Probably on account of the half a dozen large pebbles that stowed away in my pockets!

Lovely Man checking out the biggest piece of driftwood you've ever seen!


  1. Ooh Rona I can see why you wanted to linger there - it's beautiful! You've got some great photos as usual and that driftwood is fab - so intriguing!

  2. I toyed with bringing some home....just think what you could do with all that wood!!!! I can't wait to go back there (we only go about every 8-10 weeks :( ). Standing at the top of the hill looking down between two tall trees onto the beach and the crashing waves it felt like I was in the opening scene of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca!


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