Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Little Bit of Vintage For Mother

Well I am still struggling with the kitchen cabinet doors....soooo tempted to just go buy some wood and make new ones but!  I hate to admit defeat and so I will continue with them and they WILL look nice, and I WILL be happy with them and I WILL feel oh so darned pleased with myself for getting 'new' stuff without spending a fortune!

Lovely Man spent an entire day last weekend with his good friend, Ron, sorting out the electrics so the fridge and the cooker could swap places.  It's amazing how you start a job which should take just a couple of hours and it ends up taking a whole day because Bodgit and Scarper got there before you and made a right pigs ear of the whole affair!  You wouldn't believe the amount of loose, live wires they found!  So now I can sleep easy that the electrics are actually safe AND the kitchen is one baby step closer to getting a facelift.

So anyhow I have been busy making my Mother's Day card for mum (18th March in the UK).  I've been admiring all the lovely vintage look things in blogland lately and decided I wanted to have a go.  Took me a couple of days to get it finished...I'm sure I made it harder than it needed to be simply because I was in too much of a hurry to search out AND READ any tutorials.  Therefore I probably used all the wrong methods/tools/equipment but it's done and actually I'm quite pleased with it.  Now I know I'm safe showing you guys cos I know my mum never ventures here (her computer tends to be like her cell phone - for emergencies only!) and you will keep 'mum' I know!

Sharing this at Brag Monday over at The Graphics Fairy,  thanks Karen for all the hard work you put in every day to supply us all with these cool graphics!