Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Beautiful Fall

Today I was awake real early. I had the fidgets. Do you ever wake up and it's like someone turns a switch on in your brain? Then all these little ideas and thoughts start to whizz around making it totally impossible to get back to sleep? Yup! Nothing for it than to get up and make a pot of tea. I peeked outside, just after 6 a.m. Still Dark. What looks like a smattering of snow outside. So the neighbors weren't pulling my leg then! I put the little lights on in the kitchen window, I like my lights they give the kitchen a nice warm glow. Yes people I have fairy lights in my kitchen window! I bought them in Walmart, they are little bunches of grapes that light up. Lovely Man would have them down in an instant given half a chance! I glanced at the thermometer - zero degrees. So here I am blogging, browsing through my photo gallery, all wrapped up in my pj's, woolly socks and a fake fur throw!

Last night I did my second sketch of Kelly. In-fact I did two on account of not quite being able to get her arm right the first time! So I'm feeling all artsy-fartsy and I can sense another 'creative day' coming on! Anyway I'm sat here, now witnessing the most beautiful sunrise, browsing through my piccies and I find these two of Chippie taken a couple of days ago when I very quietly followed him to his home! Turns out he lives in a burrow just outside my back fence! I guess the days of seeing him preening in the sunshine will be a little less soon. Although I am assured that even tho it gets real cold we do get some bright sunny days up here! I like these pictures. Makes me feel warm just looking at them. The locals cannot believe we don't have our heating on yet, they think we're mad or something. I do picture myself as Renee Zellweger in "New in Town" very soon! Do you think Lovely Man will turn into Harry Connick Jnr? Ooh just the thought......

So yes umm....Chippie second it is.....I'm off to make tapioca pudding!


  1. What cute little chipmunks. Or is a ground squirrel? Seems that when I was in Colorado a couple of yrs. ago they called them ground squirrels. Love the photo! Snow, already? The leaves are just starting to turn in Va. I love the fall, not quite ready for winter, yet. Soon, I will love the snow.. so fickle I am.

  2. No idea what a ground squirrel is really but these are definitely chipmunks! No, no snow, I think the neighbors were winding me up cos I'm from the UK and just moved here 12 weeks ago! We're having an indian summer right now, I'm back in shorts and t-shirts!!


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