Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Law of Attraction

I have been reading lots about the Law of Attraction.  It's one of the seven Laws of the Universe.  It's all about vibrations.  Put very simply, when you want something you have to think and behave as if you already have it.  The energy and vibrations working within the universe then cause a manifestation of the desired outcome.  Hey I thought it would be simple to explain!  And you guys are thinking it's all jiggery hokey pokey!  It's nothing new.  It's been around for years apparently.  Maybe it's simply believing in yourself so much that you actually get past the fear of failing, get off you butt and actually do it!  Either way I believe it works.  One day I'll explain why.  For now though let me just say that I have met some very nice people, both here on blogger and the new town where I live.  They have been bought to me, by the universe, and they have all, in one way or another, given me help and support to realise my dream.

For years I have wanted to write, I also wanted to paint and craft and earn a living from it.  It started with my good friend Lorrie  who encouraged me to start painting, sketching and blogging!  Then I got to know about a lovely lady Kassie who is an inspirational writer.  Her column in the Manitouwadge Echo reminded me to believe in myself and to behave and think more positively.  Then came Lisa, her blog inspired me.  It felt like I was listening to myself, the me that thought I wasn't good enough to call myself a writer or an artist.  But Lisa decided to invoke some positive thinking.  Instead of saying "I want to be"  she now says "I am".  This was the kick up the ass I needed.  It's so empowering.  I am.  I am a writer.  I write everyday.  I am an artist.  I create every day.  When you say "I want to be" it simply implies that you might be one day if you ever get around to doing something about it!

Lastly, Lisa put me on to a super duper person, Jamie Ridler, who was giving away these fab buttons for people to use on their blogs.  I love them!  Thank you Jamie.  Also thanks to Lorrie for helping me, once again, with the technical stuff!

So from now on guys I am officially referring to myself thus....I am a writer....I am an artist...I REALLY AM!


  1. I completely agree - you really are a writer and an artist - see it's working already!

    I find it quite intriguing the laws of attraction thing. I've felt myself over the last few months that somehow things seem to have been put in place for me just when I needed them. It's quite reassuring really :)

  2. I'm going to post about that again soon. We actually choose this house and the township mainly based on my "feeling" and what my crystal was telling me. I really think there is something in it. Did you click on the link for Kassie....very interesting. She's a really nice lady I sort of "met" through my dealing with the Echo. Turns out she's writing a book too!!! Co-incidence?

    Take care



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