Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I know I shouldn't, but.......

get distracted that is. This morning I had a plan.  Shower, breakfast, finish the basement, do the housework, do the that order. So what happened?  I tell you what happened.  Lovely Man, a bag of peanuts and a chipmunk is what happened!  It is beautiful and sunny....again...and so Lovely Man took some nuts and went out on to the deck because Chippie had arrived.  Half an hour or so later I am still out on the deck, with my camera, playing with Chippie and Stumpy!

Chippie meets Buddha!  
Chipmunks are very territorial and will not often tolerate another chipmunk feeding at the same table as it were.  At first their visits were quite well timed with one leaving just as the other arrived.  This, however, did not last.  At one point they both arrived together.  I should point out that one has a nest somewhere on the back hill (Chippie), the other has a nest in the garden across the street from us out front (Stumpy).  So I was sitting there camera in hand when Chippie came up from behind and Stumpy arrived on my lap with a plop.  For a second or two there was a sort of Mexican Stand off, each trying to stare the other one into submission.  Then there was a flurry of tails and squeeks which resulted in Stumpy taking refuge down the front of my tee shirt.  This did concern me a little.  I have no objection to one of them down there but I certainly didn't fancy the two of them sorting out their differences down my cleavage!  Stumpy, however, jumped out (probably in need of oxygen) and climbed up onto my head.  There he sat watching Chippie with utter contempt until he took his share of the booty and set off along the path.  Stumpy then took a couple of nuts, allowed me to stroke him for a few minutes before disappearing off across the street.  Unfortunately in all the commotion one of them sat on top of the camera and altered the settings which meant none of this escapade was caught on film!  Never mind.  I got some nice pics of my favorite boys once I reset the camera.

Chippie takes a nut whilst Stumpy watches with contempt!
Stumpy stays awhile!


  1. Wow you got some great pictures Rona(well I suppose you would from so close up!)

    I'm amazed they're so tame. They are absolutely adorable too - well worth getting distracted over I think! x

  2. They are my very favourite boys! I've wanted to write a book for ages but never quite known what to write about or indeed whether it would be any good. Some of my friends are really encouraging me to write about the move to Canada. Think I may actually give it a shot!

    I could just sit there all day with them!


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