Saturday, 4 September 2010

It's been a while...

since the last post.  It seems like a lot has happened and yet nothing much at the same time!  Well we traveled down south some 675 miles.   We left at 4 a.m.  well...actually we eventually left at about 4.20 a.m. on account of Lovely Man getting into a bit of a lather with the bear proof garbage dumpster!  At this time of year we keep any waste food that is likely to attract bears in the freezer till garbage day.  As we were going to be away for two whole weeks Lovely Man decided we should put all our garbage in the bear proof dumpster on the way out of town.  The dumpsters are like skips, but covered, and are located on the outskirts of the town.  They are bear proof and, as it turned out, Lovely Man proof too.  He spent a good twenty minutes in the glare of the headlights from our car fiddling about with the wretched thing before returning to said car, with garbage, cursing under his breath!

Less than half way here the car started to sound and smell a little odd.  We stopped several times but could find nothing wrong, the smell and noise would subside and so we concluded there wasn't much wrong.  We arrived at 6.30 p.m.   On Thursday we went to Mississauga to collect our things from the shipping warehouse.  When we got back the trailer was sagging badly.  The next day a new tow hitch needed to be fitted. The following Monday we went shopping.  The serpentine belt on the car engine snapped due the fact a pully had seized.  We were towed to our mechanic who diagnosed the problem, ordered parts and the next day returned the car to us.  The following day a visit to the bank.  On our return the same belt broke AGAIN.  another trip to our friendly mechanic.  It turns out the new pully was faulty which caused the belt to break again.

Just to add insult to injury we found some pretty battered boxes and indeed some broken items.  I reported these to the shipping company immediately along with photos.  I got a very apologetic email and a promise of an investigation.  No surprises when I tell you we have heard nothing since!
Anyhow we have our much missed belongings now.  We are currently trying to organise the boxes so that we can fit everything in.  The car is fixed.  All being well we will make the journey back up north on Tuesday.

Oh...and the garbage?  Well that came all the way down with us in the trunk and was duly put out for the garbage men of Maryhill!  We must have the most well traveled rubbish in the country!

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