Saturday, 11 September 2010

And so the unpacking and sorting continues.....

Can you believe that it has taken most of the day to put away the CD's, DVD's and hang a dozen or so pictures?  No?  Well it has! I am actually very proud of both of us.  I'm proud of Lovely Man for his patience and expertise in the technical department and proud of myself for stepping back and letting him get on with it.  As most of you will know I can be a bit 'gung ho' with these little DIY projects!  I have to say for me to step back a wait patiently while he measured, scratched his head, re-measured and mumbled took ENORMOUS restraint!  Now the lounge, at least, is fairly straight. Apart from the curtains that is.  The basement, however, is still a bit of a disaster area.  Never mind tomorrow is another day.  It is very cold and damp here today, bit like being in the UK really!  All being well we'll make a start on the basement tomorrow.  I've got so many little things to do craftwise so I really need some space to work. 


  1. Yay...your things. How wonderful to have your own stuff there. David...the telly. LOL.

    Happy for you Rona. Missing ya, but happy for you.


  2. Those sort of things always take longer than you think don't they? You're definitely well on the way to a beautiful home though! What are you going to do with the basement? x

  3. Hi guys thank you. Umm the basement....well believe it or not we made it into a family room and dining room. It's just burried under a mountain of coats and boxes!!!!! The other half is going to be my workshop where hopefully I will earn a dollar or two from making bags, purses and anything else that pops into my little head! I need to take some better photo's though my picture gallery looks so small in the photo and yet sitting here it seems to fill the room!! Lorrie....I think I took it from the wrong angle?


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