Sunday, 29 January 2012

Catching up!

Ha!  As I typed the title I noticed I've used it before...which just proves one thing to me.  I spend my life catching up with stuff!  Ok so I was going to tell you about my perfect lazy weekend with Lovely Man, and then my plans to get started with some projects, but first I just have to share this little gem.  Now I know I shouldn't tease but I just can't help myself.  You see I happened to need something from the bathroom whilst Lovely Man getting ready for work tonight.  So I wondered in and there he was with the bathroom cabinet open and I couldn't help but notice this...
Now the question is should I be worried?  I mean, I have seen programs on the TV recently about hoarding!  Now I know that with our big shops some 4 and a half hours away it pays to stock up occasionally but really?  Ten bottles of deodorant?  I inquired as to whether we were expecting some sort of siege or something, were we going to be confined to the house, was there going to be a world shortage of deodorant anytime soon.  Lovely Man just gave me one of those looks and said "well if there is at least I won't be a smelly little oik"  So enough already, I just thought it was funny!

Now back to my perfect weekend.  Yesterday we went skiing for the first time this year and I managed to complete the whole trail without any mishaps, unlike Lovely Man who took a couple of tumbles.  I avoided the slopes but he did them all with success, can you believe he fell on the flat part of the trail?  How does that work?  Actually I can tell you exactly how that works cos if I cast my mind back to last year I did a perfect face plant on a flat and straight bit of the trail.  It's when you lose that concentration for just a split second and you get sloppy with your technique usually causing your to trip yourself over with your own ski pole!  But it was a lovely morning and we had a ball, and then the next best bit was coming home to a nice mug of hot chocolate and a snooze on the couch!  Bliss.

I do count myself extremely lucky to have this right on our doorstep, and to have the time to make the most of it.  Do you know the snow on my back deck comes up to my butt?  I simply LOVE it!

Now plans for projects, there are a few!  First of all I confess I purchased a pink Christmas tree whilst in the UK (it was only £5!) and I hauled it all the way back here.  My plan was to have a pink tree next Christmas with gingerbread men, lolliepops and candy canes to decorate.  That was until my friend introduced me to the joys of Pinterest (Yes I know where have I been lately!) and I found this neat lady blogger (can't remember for the life of me who) but she got this pink tree and decorated it with hearts and cherubs and stuff for Valentines!  Priceless!  Now I can justify my purchase by using not just once a year but about value for money.  And the bonus is I get to wind up Lovely Man once more which is always fun *he actually thinks I'm cute and is really just pretending he doesn't like it*. I just love it when he pretends to be irritated but really he can't help but laugh, I love it when he laughs.   I also bought this gorgeous shaggy fluffy fabric to make pillow covers but he doesn't know that yet!

After that I have so many plans for the house, like paint the kitchen cabinet doors, make a roman blind for the bedroom and put wood floor down.  I want to make some pretty purses and aprons and refinish some of those bits of old furniture I collected last summer.  I have a camper van to refit inside, not to mention a garden swing to make cushions for.  But one step at a where's that pink tree?