Saturday, 30 October 2010

Just one mixed up crazy kid?

Well I kinda couldn't sleep - again!  So after about an hour of trying to lie still and not wake Lovely Man I got up in the dark, fumbled for my fetching pink velour lounge suit and slippers,  and crept off to the kitchen to put the kettle on!  It wasn't till I got to the lounge and started to actually put on what I'd grabbed off the bedroom floor that I realised I had actually picked up odd slippers (I have 3 pairs).  so picture if you will a slighty over weight, forty something (nearly 50!) woman, with bed hair, wearing a ghastly pink velour 'lounge' suit (it keeps me warm ok?!) one white furry boot and one grey and white stripe slipper with a zebra's head on it!  You notice this post doesn't have a picture right? That's because this morning I want you to use your imagination!

So anyhow I sat here thinking about life, like I do from time to time.  I started to write my book the other day.  The one I want to write about Angels and the Laws of the Universe.  And well, I got to thinking about stuff.  Roughly 10 years ago I was at a very dark time in my life and although it often felt like nothing was ever going to change there was a part of me that used to dream.  Daydream that is.  I used to imagine being with someone who I REALLY loved and who loved me back.  I used to imagine living a life in the country, painting and crafting and generally being happy.  And then that's all it was.  Daydreaming.  Or was it?

Almost out of nowhere I seemed to get myself by the bootstraps and haul myself out of the bad time.  I had lots of help along the way.  Some of the help didn't seem kindly at the time, but looking back everything that happened had to happen to get me where I am now.  Where I needed to be.  Where I dreamed about being.

So here I am in a new country living on the edge of the wilderness, painting and crafting.  Writing and getting paid for it - still can't believe that one!  I have a man who makes me just SO happy - Lovely Man- and it's a million times better than I ever dreamed of! I dreamed of an English country cottage with roses in the garden, that evolved to living near a lake in Canada.  I dreamed of not having to go out to work but instead work at home.  We both dreamed of living in a small community, and playing a part in it, being able to do stuff we didn't seem to have time for before.  And OH BOY just look what we got!  A house, on the edge of the bush - literally - in a small, close community, with three lakes!  A town where everyone knows everyone, where people like to stop and chat.  A place where we can get involved because we have the time.  As for there being 'nothing to do' in a small northern town, nothing could be further from the truth! We have had more invitations to functions and events in one week than we'd have in a year back home! The whole community has more going on in a small place than we seemed to hear about in the larger towns we came from! There's even a dog pound and a cat rescue in town where I have been able to volunteer to help out - that was in my plan too!

And as I started to write this post I wondered.  Is it just because I was brave enough, or mad enough, to try?  Did I just get carried along? Or was it just meant to be?  Did I just attract it into my life because I used to focus on it so hard?  See? Just one mixed up crazy kid!

And then I remembered.  One night, about six years ago, at church I got a message from my uncle, who is in spirit, he said that I should be patient and trust, and that one day things would be better than I had ever dared dream of.  At the time I just accepted it and hoped he was right, and then as time went on I held on to that message, trusting it to be true. 

So to all my blogging friends, and non blogging friends too, I say don't be afraid to dream. In fact dream a little harder and more often.  You may be surprised one day. As one of my new friends, Kassie, would say "Always expect miracles".

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

De Ja Vu

This morning I woke up to yet more rain!  It feels like I'm back in the UK!  I'm in a pondering mood today.  All week I have gradually been slipping into the abyss of chiding myself for not getting things done as fast as I'd like.  I set targets, I changed them.  I made lists, I added to them.  Little wonder I started to feel at odds with everything.  So this morning I pondered the meaning of my life and decided that actually I have achieved what I originally set out to to do this week.  So unlike Lovely Man who announced he's off down to the basement to 'do bizzies' I am going to have a day of indulgence.  Blogging, painting, baking and a little ballroom dancing at lunch time!

I have made my target of five bags over the last few days.  I am now waiting for some good daylight to take better photos ready to list them on Etsy, but here's a sneak preview:

I am still a little undecided on how to sell these.  We have a craft fair coming up at the end of November and the locals are keen for me to have a table, but I'm not sure I can get enough stuff made in time to do it justice.  I can get a good amount of bags done but I want to have other stuff too which is going to take a little longer to make (all a bit top secret right now cos the first one will be a gift for a very special friend, now that's got your attention eh?!).  So right now I am pondering.  Craft Fair or Etsy?  But for today....

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work"  Anon 

I'm going to indulge my inner child and show her the rainbow!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oh What a night...

Cantabile - The London Quartet - Manitouwadge
late September back in 63....  Actually it was mid October 2010 but I couldn't  find a song about that!  Yes I am feeling musical, lyrical even, this morning.  Last night saw the second show of the "Night on the Town" series and well, things just keep getting better.  In September we saw the wonderful Louise Pitre, last night The London Quartet.  Four VERY talented guys from... you never guess? London, England!  Oh yes having moved half way across the world I go to see a show performed by an act from the UK!  They were, however, excellent and I would thoroughly recommend going to see them should you get the chance.  Currently touring Canada they will be performing in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria before returning to the UK.  You can catch them in December 2010 in Clacton-on-Sea, Grantham and Salisbury.  I think the hi-lite of the evening had to be when the guys came down to the audience, first serenading me and then Lovely Man with a comical rendition of "Are you Lonesome Tonight?"

This morning we awoke to our first smattering of snow!  Lovely Man has put the heating on and made coffee in our new Hamilton beach Brewstation, which he is particularly fond of mostly because it only cost him $9.99 in a thrift store!  I have decided that I will work on my writing and painting whilst listening to the CD, kindly awarded to us by Cantabile - The London Quartet, firstly for being good sports and secondly because they found out we were fellow Brits!  Thanks Guys!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Early one morning..

just as the sun was rising...nope, sorry, no maidens singing just us two setting off for Thunder Bay!  We needed to drop off the garbage at the bear proof dumpster before heading off and it just happens to be right near the beach.  I simply couldn't resist taking this these photos of the lake.  It looked so peaceful and serene.  I feel SO lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Lion Beach, Manitouwadge

So we set off for our two day shopping trip some 5 hours away! The views just got better and better

And better!

We found a lovely little B&B, called Kaylees, the rooms were spotless and the food was very good and at $65 per night for both of us all included, excellent value.  We shopped, and shopped some more.  We had our first chinese meal since we arrived!  We had our favorite ribs and wings at Swiss Chalet and generally had a jolly good time!  I have a hilarious story about our adventures in the latter diner which I will day!  
My only regret?  Well, they always say you regret what you don't do, not what you do.  I planned to have a go at some night photography.  I packed spare batteries, camera, tripod and my trusty 'how to' books by Scott Kelby.  But...the first night it drizzled and I really didn't want to get my camera wet and the second night I was just SO shopped out I ate dinner, shopped some more and went back to the B&B where I fell asleep!  Never mind, another day - or night - as the case may be!  However, upon my return home I decided to catch up with my blogger pals.  Can you believe it?!  The lovely Cathy, who by the way, has got this night photography lark down to perfection, is only going to give away two of her wonderful photo's for free in a draw.  All you have to do is visit Cathy's Blog and leave a comment!  So. What are you waiting for?  Get on over there and check out her lovely blog!  Not only is Cathy a fab photographer she is also a great artist and has written a book.  One talented lady.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Where, oh where....

has this week gone?  We have been blessed for the last eight or more days with glorious sunshine and blue skies!  For that reason I have achieved very little in the grand scheme of things!  After all who can bear to stay inside when the universe is being so kind to us?  Actually, to be fair, we have not been resting on our laurels.  No indeed, the garden is tidy ready for winter.  The clothes post now stands erect in a place where I can actually reach it without hurting my back or falling headfirst down into next door's garden!  The decking has been repaired and we have a trailer full of rubbish to take to the landfill!  No.  when I say I haven't achieved much, I actually mean I haven't made a single bag, keepsake book or painted a single canvas!  

In the evenings I have sketched.  A new pastime for me, sketching people,  namely Kelly who is a lovely blogger I 'met' recently and she does this weekly sketching challenge.  I have also been writing my column pieces and saving them, just in case I get writers block one week! I think this week though I am especially proud of my first attempt at drawing a caricature, so much so that I couldn't resist popping it in here (just in-case your not familiar with my arty blog!!!).  So I suppose, upon reflection, I have achieved quite a lot, in the grand scheme of things, just not the things on my list!!  Have a great week guys!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Beautiful Fall

Today I was awake real early. I had the fidgets. Do you ever wake up and it's like someone turns a switch on in your brain? Then all these little ideas and thoughts start to whizz around making it totally impossible to get back to sleep? Yup! Nothing for it than to get up and make a pot of tea. I peeked outside, just after 6 a.m. Still Dark. What looks like a smattering of snow outside. So the neighbors weren't pulling my leg then! I put the little lights on in the kitchen window, I like my lights they give the kitchen a nice warm glow. Yes people I have fairy lights in my kitchen window! I bought them in Walmart, they are little bunches of grapes that light up. Lovely Man would have them down in an instant given half a chance! I glanced at the thermometer - zero degrees. So here I am blogging, browsing through my photo gallery, all wrapped up in my pj's, woolly socks and a fake fur throw!

Last night I did my second sketch of Kelly. In-fact I did two on account of not quite being able to get her arm right the first time! So I'm feeling all artsy-fartsy and I can sense another 'creative day' coming on! Anyway I'm sat here, now witnessing the most beautiful sunrise, browsing through my piccies and I find these two of Chippie taken a couple of days ago when I very quietly followed him to his home! Turns out he lives in a burrow just outside my back fence! I guess the days of seeing him preening in the sunshine will be a little less soon. Although I am assured that even tho it gets real cold we do get some bright sunny days up here! I like these pictures. Makes me feel warm just looking at them. The locals cannot believe we don't have our heating on yet, they think we're mad or something. I do picture myself as Renee Zellweger in "New in Town" very soon! Do you think Lovely Man will turn into Harry Connick Jnr? Ooh just the thought......

So yes umm....Chippie second it is.....I'm off to make tapioca pudding!