Thursday, 30 September 2010


Well people! My first column piece has been published in the Manitouwadge Echo! I am, officially, a freelance writer! Check it out by clicking the link in my blog sidebar! My very special thanks must go to, in the main instance; Lovely Man who always encourages me to follow my dreams, to my best and longest ever friend Jan who told me years ago "you need to write and get published", and to Lorrie who is officially my mentor in all things creative (and technical!). I should also thank all my Blogger friends and everyone else for their gentle nudges too! Thanks guys! And Kassie if you read this thank you for all your valuable advice, I am approaching other sources as we blog!!!

Oh and you'll never guess? I have a veritable feast of lamb stashed away in the freezer! Oh yes my lovelies. Why am I SO excited you ask? Well because, it seems, Canadians just don't eat lamb! I am amazed that I have had at least 5 woman today tell me a) they have NEVER eaten it and b) they wouldn't know how to cook it. One man even said "I'd never eat lamb that's dog food" I traveled to Marathon earlier in the week, absolutely convinced that the "big' shops there would have some. But NO! The guy in the meat shop told me I needed to go Thunder Bay or the Soo ("there's more ethnic minorities there" he said "so the shops will have it there"). Anyhow the long and the short of the story is that Mel, my neighbor happened to be in Thunder Bay this week ( a mere 5 hours away by car!). Dear George, her hubby, phoned her on her cell phone and told her to bring me as much lamb as she could get in the car!!!

Last night at about seven o'clock there was a knock on the door. There stood my new best friend (I'm easily bought) with a shopping bag full of half legs of lamb and lamb chops apologising because she couldn't find any neck of lamb and she knew that was my favorite! What a STAR! so Thank you Mel. Mwah!

Oh and talking of my lifelong friend, congratulations also to Jan (and Mandy) who just ran the Great North Run in just over 3 hours and raised over £3,000 for the Autistic Society! Great stuff mate, I am just SO proud of you!

Oh and just in-case you're having trouble finding the link in the sidebar here it is!!!
The Echo not that I'm desperate for you to read it of course.......

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