Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A great more ways than one!

Well!  Firstly we went for a jog again this morning!  Can you believe it? Third day running (pardon the pun).  After breakfast I settled to put the finishing touches to a draft column piece for the local paper, printed it off along with a list of proposed ideas for future pieces and a photograph.  Lovely Man, in the meantime, disappeared to his 'office' (a desk in the basement) to work on his application for registration with the College of Nursing in Ontario.  By about 11.30 we were both done.  The sun was shining and there was  no wind so we decided to take a coffee and sit in the yard.  Just in case, Lovely Man took a bucket of peanuts with him.  After a few minutes a little chipmunk appeared at our feet, obviously bought out by the warm sunshine for one last foraging expedition.  As if this wasn't exciting enough as we sat and watched him hop across the yard toward the back fence something scrambled up on the other side of the deck.  Looking down we were overjoyed to see Stumpy.  Immediately he jumped up onto our lap and then the table, gently taking nuts from us and allowing us to stroke him.  It was as if he'd never been away!  What's more we were pleased to see that his tail was looking much healthier and seemed to have grown back a little.  He was a little nervous when the first chipmunk came back and quickly scampered off, coming back only when the first disappeared again with his hoard.

Later today I had a meeting with the Editor and owner of the local paper and they took me on as a freelance writer.  I get my own little 'column', think we're going to call it "Brits Abroad" or " Life Across the Pond"  it's undecided yet!  I also get the opportunity to report on local events when one of the other reporters can't do it.  It doesn't pay big bucks but it's a start and will build up my confidence as a writer.  So all in all a very good more ways than one!

Oh and finally a newsflash...Lovely Man is becoming a true Canadian and growing a 'goatie'!  And do you know... it's actually kinda cute...I like it!

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