Thursday, 24 June 2010

The kindness and warmth from total strangers...

is something we don't often come across, but when we do it is so heartwarming.

Almost two weeks ago we arrived in Canada with just two suitcases each.  All our personal belongings and some of our home wares are somewhere on the Atlantic ocean.  We sold all of our furniture as it would cost more to ship than it would to replace.  Last night our cousins, Lynn and Stan, took us to visit some friends of theirs whom we have never met before.  They welcomed us as if we were old friends, and we spent a lovely evening with dinner and a card game.  We knew they had a dining room set for sale which was beautiful and we agreed we would like to buy it.  What we didn't bargain for was two armchairs and a patio table and even more...they had a friend who wanted to sell a freezer!  Tonight we picked up the furniture and they invited us to take a ride in their classic car to pick up the freezer!

Although not in the category of strangers, Lynn & Stan have been fantastic.  Without a vehicle we have been totally reliant on them for transport.  They have sat outside banks for hours while we negotiated our way around various accounts, cards and formalities.  They have taken us from one store to another to collect various bits that we would need to start off in our new home.

We also met a couple who live just around the corner who were having a garage sale.  We got there a little late but they were kind enough to ask what we needed and then hooked out all the things, and more, that they thought would help.  They then offered us a beer, put everything in their trailer and delivered it!

So, to Stan & Lynn, Joan & Bill, Will and Mary-Francis  Thank you all so much.  To all who read this I wish that you will all one day experience kindness of this magnitude.  And for us I hope that we will have an opportunity to show the same to someone else someday.

I also think that the saying is true.  There are no strangers here, only friends we have yet to meet.

Monday, 21 June 2010

We're getting there!

Well we have now been in Canada for one whole week.  I feel we have achieved a lot.  We got all the paperwork done, bought a car.  Gradually we have started collecting furniture from various sources from garage sales to good old Kijiji!  We've spent endless hours in the bank and just as many scouring the internet for essential items to take up North with us.

Tonight, however, was total bliss.  I made Jam!  Lynn and I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen making strawberry jam!  So guess what?  I now have to add to my list of essential items jam jars, lids and labels!  It was a lovely evening and took the edge off the increasing frustration at not having my paints and bits and pieces to keep me occupied!  Oh and watch this space.  Just wait till you see my pot pourri holders for the lady's boudoir!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bitter Sweet New Beginnings

Well!  We're here!  This morning it is raining like you wouldn't believe!  Lovely Man declared that if he'd known it rained here he'd have stayed in Blighty!  The last two weeks went in a blur.  I have to confess my emotions are all over the place.  I am calm and settled for the most part.  But my emotions are actually quite raw.  I cannot phone home for fear I'll end up a sobbing heap.  My last memory of all those dear to me is a bitter sweet last meeting ending in uncontrolable tears!  That last contact felt like my heart was being ripped from my body.  Even Lovely Man sobbed and asked 'Tell me again why we're doing this?'

However,  two nights of decent, restful sleep together with a good start on all the red tape and formalities has made us feel a little better.  I guess each phone call will get easier.

Today we are going to look at a car.  Yesterday we road tested a Dodge Durango.  It was big, blue and shiny with a huge V8 engine.  I fell in love.  Lovely Man asked me which car I would choose of the ones we looked at.  My head tells me the Chrysler  Town & country van but my little 'ole heart says the big blue Dodge cos it's big and shiny and it roars!