Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Home at last!

Well after a long 14 hour drive we are home!  It's sort of like christmas eve.  The parcels are piled high in the trailer on the drive (aka Santa's sleigh) and we are too sleepy to open them. So we will go to bed with that feeling of excitement and anticipation like when we were kids dying to open the presents under the tree in the morning!

The drive itself was pretty uneventful, we didn't take any wrong turns, the trailer didn't break again and neither did the car!  I did make one fateful error tho.  I made a comment that the weather was being kind to us, bright, dry and not too hot.  Twenty minutes later we were driving at 40 kph, windscreen wipers at full tilt dodging great big thunder bolts!  It dried up about half an hour later and I figured we were in the clear.  No such luck.  It started again in the Soo (Saulte St. Marie) and belted down for the next four hours.  Finally as we turned on to the home stretch of highway 614 it stopped raining, infact it hadn't rained there at all the road was completely dry.  5 km on and the Ontario Highways Improvement scheme was forging ahead with it's latest improvement which left us less that impressed.  The next 25 km resembled an old logging road complete with potholes.  It was worse than when we left two weeks ago.  Exasperated I grumbled to Lovely Man "If anything is going to finish off the Royal Doulton Tea set this will."

But for now I'm off to my bed. I did manage to locate the bag with our duvet and new bed covers so we're nice a snug, the temperature having dropped a little lately!  Tomorrow is another day, and I just can't wait to get all our things out and make the house a little more like home.


  1. Oh my Ro, hope all your stuff is safe and sound.
    Can't wait to hear more.

    Be well

  2. Sadly sweetie, lots got wet we may have to ditch our expensive tempur mattress :( made even more expensive by how much it cost to get it here! Some very precious things got broken too, sentimental but not expensive. Then to top it all the heating packed up so another $320 to get that fixed! Then today the Ontario Nursing Board decided all David's paperwork was not enough to get him accepted to he has to jump through some more hoops to get registered so not much chance of starting work anytime soon. Feeling a little pissed off right now! However, I'm sure all will turn around at some point soon. He will be accepted I'm sure it's just the Canadian bureaucracy you should see some of the things he has to prove, like he's worked for 30 weeks in the last five years! And we've already bloody done all this with the High Commission before we were even accepted UGHHHH! Mood - ticky!

    LOL! Hope you guys are all well. Miss you xxxxxx


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