Friday, 24 September 2010

Space to work

Friday it rained ALL day! Although in truth I didn't really notice. I spent a productive morning downstairs typing up several reports for Lovely Man's nursing registration. Also I had a very long conversation on the telephone with the lovely Kassie and made a yummy steak and kidney pudding for supper. But..... Lovely Man excelled himself and put up the shelves I needed to hold my craft stuff, sewing machines, books and so on. Ooooh I was just SO pleased! So...supper was late. I spent ages faffing about moving stuff here and there, dusting and sweeping and generally 'moving in to my space'. It's not finished by a long stretch. It needs some things on the wall, pictures, a notice board and maybe a few more shelves, but at least it's fairly organised and I have a space to do some work!


  1. Well done lovely man..and of course Ro.
    Did he get his supper in the end?



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