Monday, 12 September 2011

Thrift Store Finds And Other Shopping Venues!

Last week I had yet another medical appointment in Thunder Bay.  It seems that once you hit the big 50 you become fair game for all manner of tests which seems to lead on to further prodding and poking!  So I duly trundled off for said appointment and just happened to end up in Michaels, Dollerama, Walmart and of course the Thrift Stores.  It's funny because I always take a little list of the things I could really use as often I get so overwhelmed with all the excitement of being in 'big' shops I miss stuff that I forget I "need"!  So anyhow the last twice I have been I noticed that I managed to find everything on my list and it crossed my mind that because I had written it down and had become conscious of it I had actually invoked the help of my shopping angels.  This time I was proved right.  Not only did I get everything on my list when we were in one thrift store I said to Lovely Man, "Oooh we must keep our eyes open for that card game, There's a Moose in the Hoose".  Immediately he walked over to the shelf of puzzles and games and retrieved that very thing!  What's more it was complete save for 1 card (which is easy to fix), and in great condition!  I have been scanning the shelves for months for this game to no avail, but as soon as I say it out loud The Universe kicks in and guides us to it, of course Lovely Man felt he really should take all the credit saying it was his innate thrifting skills that found it!
Also on my list an ornamental bird cage which I could paint white.  Well would you just look what I found!  Not only a birdcage, which I decided not to paint after all, but a pretty little white bird cage clock.

All for the princely sum of $6!  What's more I purchased some AA batteries in the dollar store for a dollar and found that the clock actually works and keeps perfect time! One of the finials was missing but a $1.50 in Micheals and a little gold spray paint and glue from my studio soon fixed that.  Result!
So later on in the day I went for the appointment and was in and out in record time, with 15 minutes to kill waiting for Lovely Man to come back for me I wandered into the Hospital Gift Shoppe and found this perfect little china egg with a humming bird on which would sit very nicely on some Spanish Moss in the new cage!  Et voila!  Lovely Man is still shimphing about how I can even manage to spend money in a hospital when left alone for too long!  Oh and the little white bird?  Another find in Michaels clearance section for $1.99!