Friday, 26 August 2011

And Another One!

When I first mentioned aprons to my friend Jocelyn she became very animated and told me how she would love the 'perfect' apron.  It had to have a tie neck so that she could wear it higher when frying as fat always seemed to splatter up toward the neck and aprons never go that high!  The bib part needed to be quilted with a layer of batting... what good is it if fat splashes you and soaks straight through to your clothes she asked.  Ideally it needed to be black so as not to show every little mark and it had to be smart, not frumpy... good enough to wear when you had guests for supper.  OK not many boxes to tick then!  So today I put my creative thinking head on and set to work.

In my experience solid black will show as many marks as plain white, but usually a small irregular pattern is pretty good at hiding little marks.  I had a this black and white patterned fabric in my stash.  I also had some cotton batting and found in surprisingly easy to quilt the bodice.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of hoiking the bodice up around the neck as it is semi fitted so not only would she have to hoik her bust up as well, but the waistband would be up around her midriff.  So... another little bit of fabric and a little more quilting... et voila!  A small quilted, detatchable neck bib which only need be worn when frying and then taken off to greet guests and serve supper!

This time I made the waist ties extra long so they can be worn in a bow at the back or crossed over and bought forward to tie at the front.  Two looks for the price of one, for the skinny mini's at least!

Now I am off to make a quilted case for my Kindle!  Ciao!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

An Apron and a Confession!

Well my lovelies I have had a very pleasant and productive day... the first one in ages!  Lovely Man will be over the moon when he gets home because I have, at last, 'done' his trousers!  I confess that these have been lying in wait...waiting to be 'done' that is.  Poor man has reminded me at EVERY given opportunity about they have been waiting to 'be done' for over a year, how I have TWO sewing machines and yet his trousers are still waiting 'to be done'.  So today, despite feeling a little under the weather I 'did' them!  It took me all of 30 minutes (they needed taking up and a button sewing on!).  Yes people I know, shame on me, such little tasks!  But they were just that.  Little tasks, boring tasks, not creative or interesting or fun!  So there we are... I confess... I have been a B.A.D. woman for sooooo long... but today I repented and took my punishment...they are done, and so I am good again and Lovely Man is a very happy chappy indeed!

I also managed to make a pattern from an old favorite dress for an apron!  I have recently started work in a wine store and have so far ruined three tee shirts by splashing myself with red wine either at the filtering stage or when helping customers to bottle their wine.  For those of you who know me well enough you will know that I am often technically challenged and it is not uncommon for me to have a little altercation with one machine or another and get sprayed with a good dose of red vino...never happens with the white...always red!  So anyhow I figured if I could find a patterned fabric that was basically the same color as red wine I would be well covered!  Et voila!

Last but not least I also managed to make 4 greetings cards using some of my artwork printed onto good quality watercolor paper and mounted onto pretty pearlescent card!  Wow!  Think I deserve a glass of wine and a little relaxation now...ciao my lovelies!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quick Update Post!

Good Morning Peeps.  As of late I seem to have little time to blog or craft come to that :(  It's this work thing that gets in the way really.  However, I am glad to be back at work, just need to adjust the work/life balance a bit.  In short I need to get my sorry butt organised!  Anyhow a very quick update on what's going on over here and so on.

First let me tell you my dear friend Lorrie Whittington is holding an auction in aid of the Famine In Africa Appeal, please do click on the link and take a look, even if you're broke and can't bid please help by spreading the word.

Well I've found ANOTHER little hobby thanks to Ron & Jackie...Fishing.  Yes folks I am well and truly hooked!  And yes to those of you who have known me forever it will come as no surprise that I have the WHOLE fishing ensemble (Pink Shirt and Pink Hat with "FisherGirl" motif!).

I have also made a start on making greetings cards and already got an order for two baby shower cards which unfortunately I can't show yet in case mum to be just happens to see, but I can share these which I have made and will be in my Etsy shop once I get organised! (Unless someone in town snaps them up beforehand LOL!)  They are hand drawn/painted in watercolor, on heavy weight watercolor paper and mounted on pastel card stock or Mulberry paper.  Cards are blank inside.  Of course I am always happy to make up custom orders, please message me if you are interested.

So that's it for today folks!  Now I have to go make my packed lunch and dry my hair then it's off to work I go!  Tatta For Now!