Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Stroll

Thankfully another sunny day!  Hydro One scheduled a power outage from 8 am till gone 3 pm so there was nothing for it but to take to the streets!!  Well actually we had to walk to the Friends Cafe for a hot drink!  So we went via the Perry Lake Walking Trail.  Some lovely views although I have to confess I was a little nervous as this end of town has had numerous sightings of bears!  We didn't come across any, thankfully!  I love the bears I just don't fancy meeting one face to face right now while they are trying to stock up for the big sleep!

Perry Lake Walking Trail

After coffee and a lovely Butter Tart we walked back through town and decided to take a hike along Wilroy Road, a bush road which runs from the beach up along the edge of the bush behind our garden and on down to Caramat Road which is the road to the landfill and beyond!  On the way up we stopped to see the two horses at the local stable.  I haven't got to know them or their owner yet but already have a plan to take the winter sleigh ride which they offer.

Wilroy Road
About 3.30 the power finally came back on and I finally got out my new sewing machine.  We now have net curtains in the kitchen!  And I am working on the lounge ones.  Yesterday we triple glazed our windows with this neat stuff.  You stick up this sheet of plastic with double sided tape to the window frame and heat it up with a hairdryer!!  It sort of stretches and becomes invisible and more to the point it's supposed to make quite a difference to your heating bill!  Sounds good to me!

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  1. I enjoyed coming along on your autumnal stroll with you! Thanks for your comments on my blog - loved what you said about your writing - I feel inspired!!


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