Thursday, 29 July 2010

Out of Synch

Well what a pair we are.  This 'between jobs' lark is all very nice but.....our routine is non existent!  We started off well.   Getting up at 8, lunch at 1, supper 6 ish and so on.  But now? OH MY WORD!  Last night having messed about with chipmunks, laptops and a late supper we got caught up in a movie on TV which finished at 12.45!  This morning I woke as usual at 7 am, was I tired?  Was I heck!  No, totally wired is the only way to describe it.  The brain went into overdrive and simply refused to let me go back to sleep. Lovely Man, despite my clattering around, managed to sleep on until nearly 9!

Hi-light of the day?  Stumpy has decided we really are ok.  Not only does he sit outside the front door to wait for us to emerge, he now scampers up onto our shoulder to be given a nut.  He also lets us stroke him! The feeling I get when this happens is magical.  Having always loved animals it's a real special feeling when an essentially 'wild' animal does this.  Domestic animals, on the whole, allow this contact basically because they are dependent upon us. Unlike when a wild animal, that really doesn't need the food or the company, chooses to trust us and share a little time with us.  I feel quite privileged to have him around.

Last but not least, I created a second blog today.  New Challenges is my new blog where I plan to record  and share my progress in two on-line classes. Please do take a look and leave me some feed back (when I get going).  I am actually quite proud of my new blog because I managed to do it all by myself!

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