Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Firm friends

Over the past few days I have sat on the decking with half a dozen peanuts waiting patiently for Chippie.  Everyday he has visited and gladly whisked away the peanuts to his secret store in readiness for winter.  Occasionally he will stay and eat one, but mostly he stuffs them in his cheeks and scampers off.  I put the nuts closer and closer each time and remained quite still but always spoke to him whenever he arrived. Last night, finally, he decided I was kinda OK and decided to take the nuts from my hand.  He also hung around longer and sat at my feet looking expectantly up at me!  I think I have a friend now!

Chippie has a friend called Stumpy on account of his lack of a tail!  Lovely Man decided that if I had a friend in Chippie then perhaps Stumpy might be his friend.  Unfortunately Stumpy is quite young and impatient.  He scurried around Lovely Man's feet and when no nut appeared as quickly as he might have like he bit his toe!

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