Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It's still light!

Day eight.  Still no bears in the back yard, much to my disappointment!  However it is almost 10.30 at night and I just took this picture from my front porch!  Most nights we've been going to bed about 11.30 and it's still not dark!  I just thought this was the prettiest sky.  Most of the houses on this side of the street, and the cars, are glowing pink in the sunset.

Today we started sorting the basement, making lists of what we need and drawing plans.  We found some hidden treasures.  Two huge mirrors.  One very art deco style which will lend itself perfectly to some glass painting, and one in a lovely wood frame with beautiful carving at the bottom.  In fact we spent most of the day in the basement as it was the only place to cool off in the 30 degree heat!  

Tomorrow will bring more treasures in the form of a man from Bell who is going to bring forth some 200 TV chanels.  I don't think Lovely Man will sleep much tonight he's so excited!  Just as well really as I need him out of bed early so I can strip the sheets off the bed!  Just getting into the swing of Canadian life where the washing machine has to go on AND finish before 7 a.m. unless you want to pay peak rate hydro!  Oh and the bear proof garbage bin needs to be put out before 8 a.m. along with all our paper waste neatly tied in a bundle!  Just for good measure I think pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast could be up for grabs!

And to make life just perfect please may I have an email from the shipping company to say my things are ready to be collected from Toronto!  


  1. Washing before 7.00am? So, what's the time scale? Can you do the night before, or is that peak rate too?

    Love to LM..
    Lorrie and the PP

  2. When I have more bedding I will do the night before but at the moment I only have one set so to wash at 9pm isn't good cos I'd have to sleep on a bare mattress! Basically in the summer cheap hydro is 9pm to 7am. In winter it changes to something like 11 am to 4pm!

  3. Sounds like it's all coming together - finding lovely things to decorate, getting TV, pretty skies - all good!


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