Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The wonders of Skype

I have to say the next best thing since getting the internet back is actually being able to use skype.  Now I have been able to show off our new house to the children and to my friends.  Somehow I think it helps when people can actually see where you are.  I know it has probably seemed that we have been very chilled about the whole moving thing.  Perhaps at times we have given the impression that we aren't missing anyone.  That, of course, is not the case.  Yes we miss our kids, parents, family, friends but we know exactly where they are.  We can picture them safe at home, with other people around them.  They, on the other hand, had no sense of where we are, what our home looked like - their second home too if only for holidays.  But home nevertheless.  Now, hopefully, we will all feel a little more connected.

So what's the update?  Well we now have four chipmunks visiting.  Obviously word is out that there are now a couple of softies living at No. 75 with an endless supply of peanuts and that if you do a few cute tricks they'll give them away!  I have given up waiting for my art supplies to arrive and have enrolled on a Journal challenge with nothing more than an A4 sketch pad and some dreadful lead pencils I got from the cheap shop.

We have painted the bedroom and put the new bed in.  Also painted half the basement and in the process of putting a wood floor down to make a family room.  Next is my workshop - also in the basement.  Hopefully when all our stuff arrives I can actually get on and produce something that will earn me some money!  In the meantime I guess I'll just enjoy the extended holiday!

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