Monday, 26 July 2010

The Pure Pleasure of Broadband

At last we have broadband at home!  What a welcome relief and pure pleasure.  Now I can talk to and see my guys in the UK.  I especially miss my nephews as one is to young to talk on the phone and the other is often far too busy with magic tricks and lego.  Skype however, is quite a different matter as the novelty of getting on Daddy's laptop AND being able to see and hear me, and himself, beats lego every time!  How dependent we are on technology and how utterly lost we are when we don't have it.

It did occur to both of us today tho, that neither of us miss our mobile phone one little bit!  How strange.  Back in the UK the very thought of being without it bought us out in a cold sweat.  Mobiles, or rather Cell Phones, are expensive to use over here.  Especially when the call isn't local.  And by local I don't just mean in Canada.  No indeed,  Cell Phones have an area code according to where you live.  Should you call someone outside that area code, and believe me we're talking someone in the next town never mind province, it costs you a fortune and get this, the person you're calling gets a bill too!  For this reason we have elected not to have one for day to day calls.  No we have adopted the UK seniors' motto.  Only to be switched on in an emergency!  Go on, you know what I'm talking about.  We ALL know someone over 65 who has a mobile phone which they carry around EVERYWHERE but they only ever switch it on in an emergency!  The number of times I have scolded my mum cos I couldn't get hold of her.  I would say to her "Mum, switch the bloody thing on.  I may be having an emergency even if you're not"

But hey, I eat my words.  Until I win the lotto, or start getting paid for doing something I enjoy, mine is staying switched off!


  1. Welcome back Rona! :)

    I completely agree about mobiles. I feel slightly panicky if I forget mine, yet we all seemed to cope well enough before they came along, without the constant need to be available to everyone every second of the day!

    I love that you're lapsing into Canadian - what with your "cell phones" and all lol! Are you picking up an accent yet? x

  2. PS I am in love with Chippy and Stumpy!

  3. Hi Angie,

    LOL! Yes they are cute. Seem to have acquired another one, Tufty, word has obviously gotten around that there's a couple of soft touches living at No. 75 giving out peanuts by the bucket load!

    Not sure about the accent but I seem to be saying Eh! a lot!


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