Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A case of mistaken identity!

When we moved into the house in Manitouwadge just over a week ago I got just a teensy bit excited.  When we arrived you may recall we had no water and sought the help of our next door neighbour.  It was he who told us that we should always check out the bedroom window for bears in our back yard before leaving the house.  Since then most people we have met have, on hearing where we live, have said "I suppose you've been told about the bears in your back yard" and "oh you'll see bears alright!"

And so for the last seven days I have checked the back yard.  Sometimes I have checked three or four times a day even if I didn't need to leave the house!  I have my camera right next to the window at the ready.  In fact it's the first thing I do every morning as I get out of bed.  I lift the blind and peer out.  It feels like when I was a kid and I would strain my eyes looking into the night sky in the hope that I would see Santa in his sleigh on christmas eve.  After the first couple of days Lovely Man gave up asking and simply pulled the covers over his head.

This morning I got up and lifted the blind.  Lovely Man groaned as the bright sunlight leapt in and slapped him across his eyelids.  "AWW  BABE,  QUICK!"  He almost fell out of bed as I reached for my camera.  I stopped and squinted to focus properly.  Hugely disappointed I realised that this partcular bear had rather a long tail!  It was in fact the black German Shepherd from across the street who had slipped his lead and decided to take an early morning stroll without his owner!

Oh well!  I guess I need to buy a night stand so that I can keep my camera AND my glasses nearby!

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