Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lovely Man disappears!

This is the corner of the basement where the oil tank lives, along with the furnace, washer and dryer.  When we moved in the heating engineer informed us that as the concrete floor was broken and uneven under the oil tank it could not be certified.  Without this we would not be able to get any oil for the coming winter!  So this weekend he arrived emptied the tank and moved it out of the way.

Now lovely Man thought all his christmas's had come at once!  Within minutes of the engineer's departure he was off like a shot next door to his new found friend Marcel.  Marcel is a bit of hit on account of his workshop full of super duper tools which Lovely Man covets passionately!  There was then a flurry of activity and they both disappeared into the basement with a big machine.  Marcel then retired to a safe distance - back nextdoor- leaving L.M. to get on.  For the next two hours or so the whole house shook and the noise that rattled around was quite deafening.  No wonder Marcel took off, I was starting to wish I'd done the same!

At last the noise stopped so I ventured down stairs.  The whole of the basement appeared to be in a fog, everything was covered in white cement dust and you could hardly breath.  I turned the corner into the laundry/furnace room.  Now please picture if you will.....there in the corner under the stairs sat Lovely Man, wearing a full face mask, covered in cement dust, wielding an air-chisel beaming from ear to ear!  He looked a bit like one of the people who cover themselves in silver paint or chalk and stand on a box in the high street pretending to be a statue! He said now he knew what is was like to be down't pit with nothing but dust, a shovel and a bare light bulb!

Anyway the next day he disappeared again, this time with a bucket, trowel and three bags of cement.  He got twice as dirty but still wore a grin like a cheshire cat!  And the basement floor?  It's now as good as new, the engineer is coming back to put the tank back midweek and we will be assured of a warm house this winter!

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