Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nails, Paint & Mayhem

Lovely Man and I are so similar in so many ways.  Often we come up with the same idea at the same time or know what the other is about to say before they open their mouth.  Spookily we often know what  the other is thinking.  We share the same views and values and generally rub along really well.  Except when it comes to D.I.Y.  Now there is a totally different kettle of fish.  

I will normally look at a problem, size it up visually and come up with a solution in minutes.  I will then forge ahead at full steam confident of achieving a satisfactory result.  Lovely Man, in contrast, will sit crossed legged like a little Budha staring at the problem in hand.  He will sit there in this almost meditative state for what seems like an eternity weighing up the situation.  And therein the problem arises. I become impatient and restless having found, what I consider to be, the easiest and most efficient solution.  Eager to start I start to fiddle with tools and generally irritate the hell out of him.  At this point a discussion in raised tones usually begins resulting in a compromise.  He gives me a menial task to divert my attention and pacify me leaving him to return to his contemplations. And that is just what happened yesterday. 

The wood panels in the basement needed to be taken down and replaced with appropriate spacing between each one so that they would lie flat against the wall instead of protruding in the center as if they were about to give birth.  I was assigned the task - remember the point of compromise - of banging the nails back through the board in order to remove them so that we could use them again.  Now - we have no bench or workmate so I utilised four tins of paint to support said panel.  Enthusiastically I hammered each nail back through and with a flourish turned the panel face up in order to remove them.  At this point it became evident that I had inadvertently nailed the panel to one of the tins of paint.  Just to add insult to injury I then rolled around the basement floor, howling with mirth unable to speak.

Needless to say 'The Foreman' was not impressed at all.  However, I did find it even more amusing when he related his plan of action to me.  It was exactly the same as mine!  He maybe just put it a little differently, but no it was definitely the same as mine!

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