Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Last Leg...

On Sunday 28th June we set off 'Beverly Hill Billy' style with all our belongings crammed inside the car and piled high on a trailer.  The only difference to the TV show was that I travelled inside the car rather than sitting in a rocking chair on top of everything!  Over the two days it took us to drive from Kitchener to Manitouwadge we went through just about every weather condition other than snow!  It was an eventful trip.  The tarpaulin flapped, ripped and at times threatened to give up completely.  At one point we were stopping every half hour or so to try to secure it.  In the end we got so fed up with it we just stopped looking in the rear view mirror!  

The further North we got however, the more beautiful the scenery.  On the last leg of the trip, driving along highway 17, we had to slow down to 50km for road works.  Just as David commented that he was seriously fed up driving so slow, grumbling "at this rate we'll never get there" a Moose lolloped across the road!  Despite all the signs we'd seen and the knowledge that indeed we were 'in the wild' we just gawped at it.  Suddenly though, the message got from Lovely Man's brain to his right foot and the brake was applied quite sharply, equally as sharply as the suitcase that slid forward and belted me on the back of the head!  And No, I didn't get the camera out quick enough!

As we pulled onto the 614 an OPP car joined us and followed us all the way into town.  We didn't know whether it was a welcoming party or whether we looked a little suspicious so we stuck doggedly to the speed limit even though we were desperate to get to our new home at last.

The house was everything we'd expected and a little more.  The back yard it turned out had a huge decked area which is something I'd always wanted.  And whilst we fully expected bears to be somewhere in the forest we hadn't quite bargained for having to check out the bedroom window first everytime we wanted to leave the house!  I guess that's something we'll get used to.  That and leaving the front door unlocked so that if there is a bear in said back yard when you arrive home you can nip in the front door quick!  We also have a resident under the decking.  His name is Chippy and he is the cutest little chipmunk.  He comes out most every day and sits on the decking.

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