Thursday, 5 August 2010

We're going on a bear hunt....

We're going to catch a big one. We're Not scared!  My nephew, Daniel, simply loves this book.  I wonder what he would make of this!  

After a relaxing morning making Strawberry Jam we decided to take some garden rubbish and the debris from Lovely Man's excavations in the basement to the landfill.  Just as we emptied the last bucket of rubble and turned to get in the car we realised we had company!  I'm not sure whether bears can climb 5ft high chain fencing but I know they climb trees.  Anyhow he looked somewhat disappointed when he saw we only had old grass cuttings and lumps of cement.  He gave us a rather disdainful look and plonked himself down for a rest.  Thinking we'd got off quite lightly for having the nerve to turn up at the picnic site with such unappetizing contributions we thought it best to get in the car!


  1. wooooah! i love bears but... yay for the fence! eep!! xx

  2. He looks kinda cute tho Eh? I felt real guilty, he looked a little disappointed that we didn't have anything really nice to eat! From a photographic point of view I would have preferred no fence at all but......

  3. I love bears! I've only seen one "in the flesh" once, on holiday in Romania. He is cute, but I'd still stick with the fence lol!

  4. apparently there has been a bear in our street two nights running and I missed him!!!!


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