Saturday, 14 August 2010

I have the nicest friends

Today I went along to the post office to collect the mail as usual.  I had been waiting for some much needed ink pens to arrive and they had come yesterday so I really wasn't expecting to find much in the box today.  To my surprise there was a card in my box telling me there was a parcel behind the desk. Sure enough a brown package from the UK had arrived!  I instantly recognised the handwriting as my best friend Jan's. I had a few groceries to pick up so I tucked it in my bag and decided to open it when I got home.

Well! As soon as I got in the door I just had to open it, thankfully there was nothing for the freezer because if there had been it certainly would have wasted!  In the parcel was the September issue of Woman and Home, a tin of watercolor Pencils and a pad of watercolor paper with a little note that read "something to read and something to do until your stuff arrives".  I really do have the best 'best friend'. Jan has this wonderful gift of knowing just what to get, or do, or say just when it's needed the most. So Jan 'Thank you'. For the surprise parcel and for being my best friend.

This evening I experimented with the goodies.  I copied a sketch that I had done a few nights ago but gave it color using the pencils and my new ink pens.  The design inspiration was a mixture of a memory of a mirror my mum had hanging at the bottom of the stairs when I was small. I don't know what bought that to mind but it just sort of popped into my head the other day and ended up on paper! The choice of color was inspired by a painting called Tropical Fun produced by my good friend Lorrie Whittington who has been, and will continue to be, my mentor in all things arty and techy!


  1. Love loads! Jan xx sniff sniff x

  2. Which Jan? Ha ha! Is that Jan O still not go the hang of this IT business or Jan R finally got on my blog!!!

  3. Awwwww my Ro, it's a lovely drawing.


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