Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Another new visitor

Well what a productive day!  It started early, for a change, with my clattering around in the kitchen at 7 a.m. trying to get a batch of jam made before it got too hot.  I bought several pints of raspberries and strawberries locally at a good price and decided to try my hand a making cooked Jam.  However, it has been SO hot (30 degrees in the shade) I have been unable to face slaving over a hot pan but I was concerned that my lovely berries would go moldy before too long.  And so that in mind I trundled off to bed by about 10 p.m. and set the alarm for 7!  It all started off quite well except I was just one cup of raspberries short.  So as the doors of the local supermarket opened I was in like a shot.  Eventually by about eleven I was very hot and slightly concerned that a section of my non stick pan seemed to be minus it's non stick coating!  But I did have five large jars of jam and so that made it all worthwhile, hopefully any grey bits in it can be passed off as pips!

Feeling very contented with the morning's work I made a cup of my favorite Tim Horton's French Vanilla Coffee, grabbed a couple of chocolate chips cookies, my journal and camera and headed for the garden.  Immediately one of the chipmunks from next door was at my feet.  After feeding him I settled to write my journal.  This didn't suit him at all and he proceeded to sit on my lap, get on the table, sit on my journal - anything to get my attention!  So journal abandoned I set the camera up on top of an empty ice cream tub which serves as a monopod (my tripod being still somewhere mid Atlantic), and waited.  Sure enough a loud humming noise and there she was.  At least I think this is the female as, although she has a red chest it's not as bright as it should be.  Either that or this is a very subtle male!  I think I made need to brush up on my bird knowledge!


  1. No clue if your little bird is male or female but what a great photo!

    The thought of homemade jam and vanilla coffee is making my mouth water :)

  2. LOL! I'm hooked on Tim Hortons. Good job the nearest on is a two hour drive away or I'd be in there all the time! As it is I have to be satisfied with the instant stuff. Good, but not as good!


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