Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A project completed...

Well, almost!  The last three days have been SO hot we have migrated to the basement!  And that is not a bad thing because we have finished, all but the skirting, the family room! YAY!

Now all we need to do is paint the far end, put together the desks, fix the ceiling and we will have an office/workshop.  This is where my TWO, yes I have TWO, sewing machines will live and hopefully when my things arrive I will be able to make lovely bags and hand-made photo albums/journals!  We also have a small woodwork room down here too, and I have plans to make garden furniture if I can get the hang of this sawing business!  I could, of course, get Lovely Man involved in a joint venture but I probably need to work on that one.  I am determined to be my own boss and work from home!

I wish I could be more entertaining today but we haven't really  had any exciting adventures this weekend, hard to believe I know.  However it is garbage day tomorrow.  Lovely Man has set the alarm for 6 a.m.  He says if we get up early and do some gardening before it gets hot we can go to the landfill again and with it being garbage day there's sure to be a few bears about!


  1. What a transformation - I love all the wood!

  2. Thank you Angie. Originally we took the wood panels off (they are those sheets of hardboard with a sort of plastic wood effect) as we thought it would look bigger and brighter all cream. But the dry wall underneath was all cut to bits where they had run wires for extra sockets. It meant putting all new dry wall up again - too big and expensive right now - maybe in a year or so. But it's clean and fresh now so it'll do for a bit.


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