Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sorry couldn't resist

I know that you're probably all bored with Chipmunk pictures.  Move onto something else for God's Sake!  But I apologise I just had to post these two pics of Stumpy and I promise I'll try hard to find something else to waffle on about for a few days!  So yes this is Stumpy.  He has found a place in both our hearts.  He comes every day and now is happy to climb all over us.  His confidence in us means that he no longer feels the need to snatch our offerings sometime nipping our fingers by mistake.  He also lets us stroke him.  Just so cute.  Chippie it seems may have, unfortunately, met his demise. He hasn't been around for at least 4-5 days and I'm told there was a hawk spotted in the vicinity preying on smaller birds and mammals.  Having said that I am hopeful that this may not be the case as Stumpy did lie low for a couple of days and we started to worry but he's back now and boy do we know it.  I'm sure he knows our voices because even if we visit a neighbour he appears and follows us patiently waiting for a peanut, which by the way I now have in my pocket ready.

Come to think of it how dumb!  Of course I have something else to waffle on about!  Last night, around 11pm, Jim from across the street hammered on our door to tell us he could see the Northern Lights in the sky!  Now, I have always been fascinated by this and have wanted to see them for myself for so long.  People told me we may see them from here but I was not convinced, I thought we'd have to go further North to the Yukon or somewhere.  But no, there they were right above our back yard!  Well that was it, no bed for me!  We started out on the deck in the dark until Lovely Man said "Do you think this is wise? It's so dark we'd never see a bear coming"  no sooner said than done.  We were inside, lights out peering from the bedroom window!  and there I stayed until well past 1 a.m.  Every now and then I'd do the "OH WOW!" thing.  Like you do at a firework display, which really upset Lovely Man who, by this time, had given up and was trying to go to sleep!  But it was truly awesome!  Remember there is nothing but forest for absolutely MILES out the back of our house and yet there was so much light coming from behind the mountain you'd swear there was a town full of street lamps there.  And when the shafts of coloured light appeared and moved it was like all the animals in the forest had been given huge flashlights which they were pointing towards the heavens.  The Cree call it Dance of the Spirits, they believe that when the aurora happens the spirits dance and light the way to the heavens. Apparently they are forecast again tonight. I just wish I was better at night photography so I could get some photos!

Below is a picture of Lovely Man, proud 'Dad" sharing a nut or two!

Proud Dad with Stumpy


  1. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    omgomgomg *dies of cute*

  2. The Chipmunk or Lovely Man?! LOL!

  3. Wow!!! looks such a stress free way of life! I reckon you have made the best move!!!!xx

  4. Hello!! I'm anonymous - as no idea what 'profile' I'm meant to select to post a comment??? IT help please!!!!! Jan xx (nursey!)

  5. Oh Lordy I don't know either! But I'll try to work it out and let you know!

    Ro xxxx


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