Monday, 18 April 2011

Week 15 - 52 week project

first up this morning I decided to check in and catch up with blog posts, e-mails and so on.  My dear friend Lorrie had just posted her submission for week 15 - the 52 Week Project 2011 and I simply couldn't resist following suit...

Do hop over and have a read !  This is my entry dear Lorrie!  Now it isn't a true indication of the amount of snow we had because I am on the edge of my deck underneath the porch.  Had I waded out any further you would not be able to see my boots as the snow would be up to my knees!
Oh yes my lovelies read on do, for a true picture of life in the Great North!

This whole little exercise turned into something a little bigger this morning as I got snap happy with the camera!  I then raided my photo library for some shots of the back yard and so on taken from a similar position.  So here are some June 2010 shots alongside April 2011! 

You get the picture?

Only this Friday I sat outside on my deck at the picnic table watching several birds on the lawn, yes there is a lawn under there, basking in the warm sun.  I felt I more than deserved this little break, after all I had just written my column in record time AND submitted it to my Editor way before the 'close of play Friday deadline'.   "Articles should be relevant to Manitouwadge and written in a timely fashion" was my brief.  The Ed. doesn't want old news and neither do my readers, so I duly twittered on about the Spring, the garden, the imminent Big Spring Clean Up (an annual event here in the Wadge).  Low and behold look what happened next:  7 a.m. Saturday morning it started to snow, by lunchtime they had the snow plows out.  Around 4.30 p.m. said snow plow left a bank of snow some two and half feet high across my drive.  I was actually out so Lovely Man, who had been working since 7 a.m. had to clear said drive entrance so that I could get in on my return!  7 p.m. Saturday Evening, went out to supper.  Darned snow plow did the street where our friends live.  Lovely Man and New Best Friend shoveled another 2 foot bank of snow from another driveway so that all visitors could go home after supper!  8 p.m. Sunday evening, finally stopped snowing!

Oh and I just heard... forecast for this Wednesday... MORE SNOW!  Well color me silly!  Out of Sync Lorrie?  I should coco!


  1. It was sunny here yesterday after rain, rain and more rain for just about forever. I've been getting antsy waiting for nice weather to arrive and when it finally does and I'm sure it's all up from here, I read your post. I sure hope we don't have a return of winter. I'm so ready for some sunshine. Keep warm my friend.

  2. Ayup gorgeous. You do make me grin. I edited in your piccy as a counterpoint to mine.

    As your friend said, keep warm my friend. Miss ya!


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