Sunday, 3 April 2011

Busy week!

Spring is definitely in the air.  The sun is shining, the snow banks are receding fairly quickly now, although for the locals who are used to it, probably not fast enough!  Lovely Man has found work to keep him busy until he takes his exam on 1st June, or he's granted temporary registration allowing him to nurse until that date, whichever comes quicker.  Life at last looks like things are beginning to settle and we can start to enjoy our new life without the overhanging shadow of uncertainty of whether or not we could stay.  
So this week we have both been 'doing bizzies' as Lovely Man likes to call it!  For my part I have been keeping house, writing for the paper, working at the library and making purses and bags for the upcoming craft fair in Wawa at the end of the month.  With the help of my friend, Jeanette, I now have two very professional looking, and pretty, blogs.  I even managed to make a nice banner for myself - given that I struggle to understand/remember how photoshop works this is especially gratifying!
Today we have friends for supper - hop over to the recipe page for scrummy dessert - I am going to work at the ski club for a couple of hours and then maybe later when all the washing up is done I'll get another purse cut out (if I don't then it's going to float around in my head all night!).

O the five bags this week, I think this is my favorite...and I have plans for a matching ring cushion!

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  1. You did a fantastic job on that mosaic banner, Ro!
    And lovely bag - a ring cushion would be perfect. x


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