Saturday, 9 April 2011

Week 15 - 52 Week Project

Oh my gosh what a week!  I seem to have leapt from week 9 to week 15 already (sorry Lorrie!).  I remember my mum, just after she took retirement, commented how busy she found herself these days and that she simply didn't know how she managed to go to work and do everything else.  Well you know what?  I'm right there with you on that one mum!  Since giving up full time work I feel the same!  But anyhow this week.  This week has been a week of good fortune, a week of abundance and I feel very blessed.  It all started with my friend, Jeanette, who when I asked how to add pages to my blog for tutorials, recipes and such proceeded not only to add pages but to tweak.  Actually it was more of a totally refurb than a tweak and I was totally a very happy bunny!  Then my lovely new business cards arrived in the mail from along with an order of all my postcards.  Next came a big win, yes I won a giveaway courtesy of Louise, a place on her Big Dream, Small Wonders course!  Again I was one very happy girl.  Another parcel, this time art supplies, lino cutters, rubber block, acrylic inks... so exciting.  Last, but not least, my best friend Jan in the UK sent me a copy of my favorite cookery magazine, some Cadburys dairy milk buttons and some sachets of hot chocolate.  There were also two bars of Dairy Milk, sadly they couldn't  make the photo shoot this morning having been abducted late last night by the grumbling tummy monsters!

On top of all of that good fortune the sun is shining, the temperature here has risen to plus 12, Spring is here at last!  Lovely Man is fixing the car ready for our first big shopping trip of the year.  I have cleaned the house, tidied the basement and my studio and done all the laundry!  Tonight we are out to supper.  So although it's been a busy week, it's been a totally great one and I feel very, very blessed.  How has your week been?

Have a lovely weekend all. xoxoxo


  1. You have been busy indeed, and got lots accomplished too, not to mention being one very lucky lady. Hooray for you. What a great win. I should also mention how nice your blog looks after the vamping. My week was not nearly as busy but busy enough for an old gal like me. I got two new pieces finished up and even got my laundry done. House is still in need of cleaning, but it'll have to wait. Hugs

  2. Hi Rona, I got tired just reading about your week. I got a few things done and even some painting in so yes, it was a good week.

  3. Ooh lovely goodies to play with (and chocolate buttons - yum!)

    You do sound busy Rona - and I know just what you mean, not enough hours in the day for me at the moment! x


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