Friday, 15 April 2011

New Page!

There's nothing I like more than finding something in a thrift store or a yard sale that isn't quite what I'm looking for but has potential!  You see I'm cheap!  Not only that I get a great deal of pleasure from giving something that has been thrown out a new lease of life, it also means that I end up with something quite unique!  So I've added a new page, dedicated to those finds and what you can do with them, where they can easily be found.  I will also post things as I do them on the home page.  I hope you will be inspired to try some Thrifty Revamps too and I would love to see what you do.  If you would like to share your creations send me an e-mail with a photo and a link to your blog post. On the first Thursday of each month I will post a round up of the months Thrifty Revamps! 

Cupboard Love

Ok so the first project isn't strictly yard sale or thrift shop, it is a cupboard in my kitchen.  However it had been put up as something of an afterthought I think in that it doesn't match the others!  It was one of those cheap white melamine covered chipboard ones and had become home to various cookery books, telephone books, drawing pins, pens, string and a whole host of junk!  So first I emptied it, dejunked it and took off the doors.  I hid these in the basement and quickly filled all the holes with white wood filler to prevent Lovely Man from putting said doors back on! (He doesn't always like my inspired DIY).  Next I bought a roll of sticky back vinyl from the Bargain Store for $3 (think Blue Peter here!) and covered the back wall of the cupboard and replaced the shelf.  Lastly, after washing everything down, I glued some vintage style lace that did actually come from a thrift store for the grand sum of 50c, to the edges of the shelves.  I placed one of those battery operated LED lights that you hang in closets behind the letter rack.  Et Voila!  Cook books neatly lined up, a few pretties and I have and brand new look bookshelf, AND it looks real pretty all lit up at night!


  1. Wow!! This turned out great. I read without jumping ahead to see the completed work, and must say the commentary did not do the cupboard justice. Great idea. I'm going to have to try something like this somewhere in my house.

  2. Ooh I love that Rona! You've done wonders, and for such a low cost! The lace is a great touch. What I love about re-cycling is that you end up with something truely original x

  3. Wow...Rona, that looks soooo pretty, well done. I love the stripy backing, very stylish.


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