Thursday, 21 April 2011

Not Waxing Quite So Lyrical!

Oh My Goodness!  What a performance!  I finally have to admit that I am getting just too old and a little too round to do this anymore.  Waxing my own legs that is!  I have never been one to pay someone to do something I am more than capable of doing myself, and so for the last three decades I have been waxing my own body thank you very much.  However tonight, when Lovely Man disappeared yet again to study muzzle loaders and firearms, I decided that it was high time I got to it.  It's been a long winter and I was horrified when I actually looked at my lower legs this morning with my glasses on.  If I didn't do something soon I was surely going to be in the casting for the next Star Wars movie as Chewbacca!  So, as I was alone I decided it was a good time to switch on the wax heater.  Lovely Man is always keen to lend a hand when he's at home but last time he took the fur off the cat, and stuck everything to the laminate floor.  He just doesn't get the idea of wiping the underneath of the stick and twirling it until it stops dripping BEFORE you move from pot to person.  Hence he trailed waxy stickiness just about everywhere.  The poor cat just happened to come in and decide that daddy was doing something dreadful to mummy and had to be stopped, ran across under said dripping stick and got well and truly drizzled on!  So, as I said, being alone in the house was a good time... or was it?  An hour or so later I have an aching back, cramp in my hip and two little patches that I just couldn't reach!  I am also huffing and puffing like an old train.  Suppose then I better find a good beautician... either that or go for the two toned effect... smooth at the front and furry at the back!  what do you suggest?


  1. You're a bit of a nut, but a funny one. I've never waxed and now I'm sure I never will. The main reason being I'm a coward but I also doubt I'd do as good a job as you just did. I'd suggest you get a close friend to give you a hand with the parts you can't reach.

  2. Good Morning Rona, I am still giggling over this post and can just picture it in my mind. Would make a great scene in a comedy movie.

  3. You made my morning--twice! 1) by reading this post and 2) when I woke up and saw that you visited my blog! THANKS! I needed a good laugh and a new visitor! Oh . . and . . I'd pay the money! Get pampered!


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