Friday, 25 February 2011

Wk 8 The 52 Week Project

This week Canada Post was kind to me for they bought forth many of the parcels giving me much pleasures!  Also my faithful assistant Sergei (aka Lovely Man) did return from big city with a bottle of white wine along the same theme...cats.  I am currently pondering the possibility of making a cravat and jacket to pass off as Meerkat statue in honor of my entrepreneur friend here.  I am sure he will treasure almost as much had his great-granddaddies Honor of Purple Claw medal which he was awarded after the Battle of Fearlessness.
I seem to be a little over catted this week because not three days after receiving these gifts, (book from luvly little Bruv in UK) and wine (from much loved significant other), than a third cat arrived in the form of Mustard a ginger Tom from the Humane Society who needed four week convalescence  after a severe UTI.  So I flit between the bottle, the book and charts recording fluid intake and outage for this week!

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