Friday, 4 February 2011

An Advertiser's Dream

That's what a work colleague once called me.  I was once a glossy magaholic and a side effect of that was that I bought a lot of 'stuff' based on the sometimes outrageous, but very persuasive, advertisers schpeel!  I am happy to say I am now a 'recovering magaholic" which basically means I limit myself to one magazine per month!  And this has completely cured the above side effect!  Now I am able to look an advert in the eye and walk away.  Take today for instance.  It has been snowing all day and we didn't need to go out at all so we treated it as a PJ day!  Yesterday our weekly free papers and flyers arrived so, with coffee in hand, or mug, we glanced through them.  Suddenly Lovely Man exclaimed "This can't be right!"  There in one of the supplements, Weddings 2011 promoting the forthcoming Wedding Fair, was an advert for The Canadian Lakehead Eshibition.  The advert read "Weddings, Shags and Showers - we can accommodate you"!  It must be a spelling mistake surely.  Further into same supplement an advert for Pizza Hut "Shag Hotline - leave your shag catering to us".  I mean I have noticed that over here they are extremely honest and candid in their advertising.  Indeed the ad for Buckley's cough syrup has the tag line "Tastes awful, but it works".  But to offer to accommodate the couple for the wedding and the shag, not to mention the shower, which I understand is short for baby shower! And they'll bring you a pizza too just, presumably, to keep your strength up!  Well the mind just boggled.  Upon investigation I found that over here a 'Shag party" is in fact a party held prior to the wedding by the happy couple.  Guests buy tickets to attend in order to help the couple raise money to help pay for the wedding.  Thank goodness we got that one cleared up.

All this got me super sensitive to adverts today.  This afternoon I saw one on TV for a product to cure Acne, Proactive.  The advert featured Katy Perry, singer of I Kissed A Girl, who declared, amongst other things, "I just rubbed it in and all my little bumps flattened out".  I had one of those Eureka moments!  Supposing I just got some of that.  It's on special right now and quite frankly if it makes bumps flatten out then I'm in!  Two Gallons should do the trick...goodbye bumpy thighs, big belly and boobies!  Gotta be cheaper than surgery!

Oh and the Wedding Fair thing...the back page featured an advert with the headline "An Affair to Remember".  Well that's ok then, they covered all the bases!



    BTW, the 'shower', in this case, would be a bridal shower, to supply the bride to be with 'things' she might need on her wedding night. The 'baby' shower will come about a year later! ;)

    Don't forget that 'shag' carpeting I told you about. I believe it's coming back into style. :)


  2. The temptation to be incredibly rude here is almost too great, but I will resist!! That's so funny though.

  3. Well now it's a good job you got that cleared up, Ro - that could have been very embarrassing - imagine if you'd been invited to a "shag" party and got the dress code aaaall wrong...! ;)

    Great post, thanks for the giggle! x

    PS Send me some of that Katy Perry bump remover too would you?!


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