Saturday, 5 March 2011

Week 9 - The 52 Week Project

Little things in life, little gestures, can make such a difference. I cannot lie, this has been a tough week.  Having succumbed to some bug or another it feels like I have had a permanent headache for almost a week, been totally off my food and felt generally under par.  Add to this the continued stress caused by the College of Nurses of Ontario who after over nine months still sit upon Lovely Man's nursing registration and will give no indication of when they will actually deal with it.   Without this he cannot nurse in this country.  Having moved to a tiny northern Ontario town where they need nurses but have no other work available that he is qualified for, it seems our future here, in this lovely place, now hangs in the balance with our life savings almost gone.  Despite the College being informed of the urgency and the fact that the original time scale for the process being 15 weeks, which is long overdue, they have little sympathy and refuse to do anything about it.  To say I have been stressed would be an understatement, despite having wonderful friends here cheering us on there have been a number of moments where I have dearly wanted to go home to the safety of my family and all things familiar, so yes add severe homesickness to the list of symptoms too!  However, upon collecting the mail yesterday I found a parcel from the online art store I use over here.  I had recently e-mailed them to say how impressed I was with their quick turnaround and general good service.  I also gave them a shout out on Willowing   for the benefit of my Canadian arty colleagues.  For this they sent to me these lovely brushes by way of a thank you.  So thanks again to the lovely folk at Wallacks in Ottawa!


  1. Red tape is just everywhere. Hope you get it all straightened out soon! :-) And I hope you feel better soon!

  2. That does sound stressful - I hope you get everything sorted soon Rona. In the meantime try out those new brushes - art is so theraputic!

  3. Hi Rona, Thought since you paid my blog a visit I should check yours out. After reading this thing from begining to end I have just one wee question. What's the 52 week project? Bare with me, I'm a blond and somethimes you got to explain things to me, and you've got to use small words. Hope you're feeling better. :-D


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