Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week 6 - The 52 Week Project

This weekend we celebrated our Frosty Days Carnival Weekend here in Manitouwadge!  An entire weekend of fun events which involves almost everyone in town.  We had an opening ceremony complete with youngsters skiing downhill by torchlight!  There was an ice fishing derby and BBQ on the beach/lake on Saturday. A Poker Run x country ski event, cardboard box races down the ski hill, arm wrestling competition, 80's night and an open mic/kareoke at the bar not too mention Polkeroo's birthday at the library, apparently Polkeroo is a large talking kangaroo from TV who, incidentally, is a very messy popcorn eater it appears (I had the job of vacuuming the library after he went home!)  

I have chosen the above photo to record week 6 of the 52 week project, and my life this week.  It is my friend,  Jackie, and myself skiing in the Poker Run event!  Below is a photo of the wonderful ice stage built for the opening ceremony by Dave and Brian, two very talented guys from the Ski Hill! 

Finally a short video clip of our young torch bearing skiers!


  1. This all looked like such "winter fun" I bet u had a blast!

  2. I think we need some snow here - it's all looking very muddy and grey. Send some over would you?


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