Monday, 7 February 2011

Week 5 - The 52 Week Project

Sadly I missed week four, mainly because I have either been painting or out in the snow, both of which I have written on more than one occasion here and elsewhere.  I had wanted to post something different for a change and this resulted in nothing at all!  How sad is that?  Have I become so boring that I can talk about nothing other than paint and snow?  Or perhaps I am not the creative soul I thought if I can't come up with a simply photograph reflecting SOMETHING about my week!  So, enough already.  I consider myself well and truly chastised and before another week passes without a peep from me here is my picture for week 5.  My friend in the UK has just had her second baby recently, a little boy.  This is something I am working on in my M3 class with Tam, which I intend to make a print of as a gift for Liz and baby Jake, and Scott and Alix of course!  And hopefully there will be some thing different for week six, a little idea I have provided who ever I give the camera to this week can actually manage to take a picture with it!

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