Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Switching On The Love

Remember a while ago I covered the light switch covers in the bedroom with some lovely images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy?  Well I have been at it again!  This time the Kitchen, The Bathroom and the Hallway have come in for a little TLC!  I am totally smitten with these covers and how easy they are to do.  Of course, several people have said to me, "Oh we used to do that years ago"...and there was me thinking I'd learned something new...but then fashions do that don't they?  They come and the go.  Only the other day Carole, from The Polka Dot Closet, remarked how anything with a shabby chic graphic transfer or water decal on it is highly sought after and in a few years we'll all be sanding them off!  Shame cos I think it's all rather pretty!

Anyhow here are my latest switch covers...loving them SOOOO much!

I also played with putting a photograph onto canvas with much loved Mod Podge this morning after seeing a post on a blog that I follow, however hard as I looked I couldn't find the blog let alone the particular post to link back!  So I will investigate further, and I will take a picture of the finished piece when the second coat of Mod Podge (which I added just before writing this) is dry.  Ciao!


  1. I really love these light switch covers. My sister and I've decided that there are no new ideas and everything has been done already by someone. It's the same as fashion in clothing making a come back if you wait long enough. I think when I get around to redecorating my bed room I'm going to cover the light switch cover. Afterall, it was in the 80s when I covered the last one.

  2. wow theses are amazing really different :) love kayleigh joy xx


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