Sunday, 16 October 2011

An Anniversary And A Love Affair

Today Lovely Man and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary!  Well I say celebrated... poor man arrived home from a 12 hour night shift, we exchanged gifts had tea and toast and then he slept (or tried to) and I kept quiet (at least I tried to!).  Anyway he bought me the perfect card and gift and we have made a date to go spend some time together just as soon as we get a day off together!!  Now I did mention a love affair too didn't I?  You see I have developed this crush on.....Modge Podge!  Yes it stinks and yes it's messy but by 'eck you can do some real cool stuff with it! 

Around 2 a.m. this morning (I forget to go to bed when L.M. isn't here) I was browsing Etsy like you do and I found some beautiful decorated light switch covers.  Now it's not that I'm cheap, the lady who makes them wasn't exactly charging a lot ( $10 each) but I am rather impatient and generally stuff takes around three weeks to get here from the U.S.  Added to that I wanted them to 'go' with stuff I had already done for the bedroom (Remember the Bird pics I did?).  So this morning I made this.....

Ta daaaaa.....

The pictures don't do them justice, the light is awful and I couldn't find my tripod but you get the idea!  So now I want to do all the light switches in the house!  But for tonight I have stopped as it seems I have gotten past myself, not exactly sure what that means but it's an expression my mother used to pull out whenever my brother or I got overtired and started making a mess of things.  So far this evening I have up ended a whole cup of water over my entire stock of red mulberry paper (the last I have) AND a set of prints that I so carefully prepared on good paper to make toppers for cards!  To try and save the day (and hasten the drying in the hope I could actually get the cards made) I tried to iron each sheet only to have it curl up.  So now it is all sandwiched between two heavy books in the hope that it will flatten out over night.  I also have a muslin 'sack' of cooked grapes for grape jelly hanging from the cupboard door draining into a pan, but for tonight I think I'm gonna leave it just in case I mess that up too!


  1. I remember making covered light switch covers years ago. I like how your's turned out. Happy anniversary to you and LM.

  2. Fab idea and they've turned out really well.

    At least it was only water - last spill I had was a mug of hot chocolate all over the keyboard (and it wasn't mine - I was using hubby's computer at the time!!) :)

  3. Love your light switch covers! Mod podge is the best and who cares if its messy the fun stuff always is! Happy anniversary to you!!! :-)


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