Tuesday, 8 November 2011

When You Just KNOW!

Well remember I couldn't find the link for my latest project?  I just absolutely KNEW it was a blog called CampbellsStoop!  But when I was searching I was looking for Photo's onto Canvas and, of course they didn't!  Silly me they put theirs on wood and titled it accordingly!  So I found it, and can now give credit where it is due, you can check out the instructions to make one yourself AND... BONUS....you can be safe in the knowledge that the instructions work equally well for both wood and canvas so the choice is yours!  I don't know why I shy away from wood, but I do...I really need to step out of my comfort zone sometime soon don't you think?  Anyhow here is my finished piece.  The canvas has it's own little easel, it cost me $2 total in Dollerama (Canvas & Easel!), but I can't decide whether to use it or not and if I do should I paint it white and distress it a little, or maybe a subtle creamy vanilla?  What do you think?


  1. Rona, I love this idea! It's a wonderful pic! I think a cream color for the easel would be pretty and then maybe antique it just a wee bit...it will match the photo perfectly! Bravo!

  2. It really is a lovely picture and sitting on the little easel is perfect for displaying it. I'm torn about painting the easel or leaving it natural. The one I use when I paint is natural but I'm not using it for display so painting and antiquing your little one a bit might look nice. Too bad you don't have two so you can experiment.


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