Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 11 - 52 week project

How cool eh?  Knee deep in snow on a frozen lake...boys and their toys!  We had a fab weekend at camp with our friends Jackie, Ron and Kurtis.  A proper camp on a lake in the bush...miles from anywhere.  Jackie is a fabulous cook and we just ate so well.  In the evenings we were treated to a sauna after supper followed by a game or two of Farkle and a wee drop of Panama Jacks...just to warm us up after a hard day on a snowmobile!


  1. That sure sounds like you had a blast! Snow...hmmmm it is warm with daffodils everywhere in Va.! :-)

  2. I do love snow. A couple of weeks ago while visiting my sisters we were snowed in for two days. Since we couldn't get out and go anywhere we stayed in and did what we like to do best. We worked on our Santas. Oh to be young again and actually go out and do something in the snow and not just look at it through a window.

  3. That looks beautiful. I always loved having a fire, snow outside, and warm and toastie inside. Sounds like a nice time.


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