Friday, 25 March 2011

Wk 12 - The 52 week project

You remember our friends took us to camp?  Well they sent me some photo's this week.  So here is me on the back of a snow mobile!  Poor Kurtis got stuck with the nervous passenger... and what a gent!  He took it real easy and slowed down for bumps so I didn't bounce all over the place.  Ooh dear I hope he didn't take me seriously when I mentioned the rather large supper I'd just scoffed down my neck!!  poor lad!  Now I've had time to reflect I'm sorta getting around to the idea that I might like to drive know...just to see!  At least there's not too much traffic on the lake ha ha!  I had a motorcycle once, but I only went out at certain when it wasn't rush hour, wasn't a Saturday when the world and his wife was out doing their shopping, wasn't raining, wasn't too windy.... you get the picture?!


  1. Well next time you get to drive for sure - you won't be nervous if you are in control!!

  2. That just looks so much fun!! You should definitely have a go at driving next time! x


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