Saturday, 6 November 2010

Walking with Coyotes

This morning we walked up to the Ski Club, which turned out to be much nearer the back yard than we realised!  Only about the length of a football pitch away from our place!  It was really sunny and crisp and we found a walking trail!  Having checked out the skis and stuff in the clubhouse we decided to take a walk and found a lake almost straight away which we didn't know was so near either!  Where have we been for the last four months?  Anyhow the lake is partially frozen already and looked really pretty in the sunshine.  A little further along the trail we found another!

After this we carried on around the other side of town and explored the road to the old mine.  We were feeling brave assuming that the bears were all hibernating.  We didn't see any, but to be honest we weren't really looking.  Our neighbor passed us in the car, she stopped to ask if we saw any bears!  apparently they are still about!  And there was us tromping through the bush without so much as a whistle let alone a bear banger!  Oh well!  To top it all we came along the old bush road which leads to the back of our house only to see a coyote run out from our yard and into the bush!  I was so surprised I didn't even get chance to switch the camera on!  They are SO pretty!

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